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Improving Health Outcomes via Deeper Clinical Coverage

Strategically integrated into SaviiCare as an optional service, SaviiTriage introduces a clinical team of dedicated nurse professionals who provide rapid interventions to mitigate client risk events.

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How It Works

Weight change, insufficient medications on-hand, evidence of fall, and more...

Captured via caregiver or wearable on Client

Risk Alerted to SaviiTriage nurse

  - Agency, family, Client at home, and other members of care team              (caregiver, physician, etc.) are alerted per routing logic

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SaviiTriage nurse performs timely remote session with Client

  - Mitigates/resolves risk event during session, or

  - Escalates to facility, physician, pharmacy, etc. per set protocols 

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Event is automatically added to Client chart 

  - Updates profile, capturing new risk parameters, adjustments to care, etc.

  - Prompts follow-ups by our and your care teams

Why SaviiTriage?

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The Nurse Is Connected Instantly

Clients are immediately connected to our trained and compassionate nurses.

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Lowered Risk Of Hospitalization

Reduced incidence of falls, dehydration, meds non-adherence, and other causes of avoidable hospitalizations.

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More manageable 
Nurse Schedules

Reduced turnover and burnout, with less need to send your nurses out and overall reduced workload.

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Assistance 24/7*

Integrated coverage around
the clock, including nights
and weekends.


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Better Outcomes

Clients healthier at home, reducing costly episodes and avoidable ED visits
- additionally resulting in improved performance and value-based outcomes.

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SaviiCare Integration

Seamlessly integrated into SaviiCare - our outcomes driven agency management software.

Our Unique Workflow

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We are extremely happy with the Savii system, and their team that works tirelessly on our behalf. They respond promptly to any issues we may bring, and are quick to make smart and helpful enhancements. I highly recommend SaviiCare to agencies in search of a top software platform and dependable team that stands behind it.

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Benda Major

Complete Companion Care, NY
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Ready for Safer at Home?