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Access anytime, anywhere - even offline.

Tools to support caregivers should be more than just an after thought for home care software vendors. Finding and retaining quality caregivers is a challenge.  Let your agency stand out from the rest by providing the tools that keep your caregiver connected to your agency, their clients, and each other.  That's why, after interviewing 100s of agency owners, care coordinators, and caregivers, Savii Care created the Savii Connect caregiver app. 

The Savii Connect app for Android and iOS allows your aides to clock in / out with GPS visit verification, document tasks and deviation of care comments, capture signatures, and securely communicate with your agency.  Savii Connect is the ONLY integrated app available to in home care aides that support point-of-care documentation even off line.


evv_clock_in.pngBenefits to Your Agency

  • Send shifts, view availability, assign schedules without picking up the phone.
  • See in real-time GPS validated time keeping.
  • With Savii Connect, even agencies in rural or other areas with poor cellular coverage can be more efficient while streamlining the back office processes.
  • Need aide to edit notes.  No problem.  Only with Savii Connect can the agency send back shift documentation for editing.  As soon as edit is received the care coordinator is alerted to review.
  • Need to print aide logs with signatures?  No problem either.  Print weekly aide logs with completed task documentation, client and caregiver signatures (per state, LTC Insurance or agency requirement), time in/out and more.
  • Average training time:  <15min


Benefits to Caregiver

  • Save money and time by eliminating the need to hand deliver completed aide logs each week.
  • Accept or reject offered shifts, add shift availability including PRN, and manage schedule directly from phone or tablet.
  • No wi-fi or data in the clients home?  No problem.  With Savii Connect, caregivers can continue to document shifts.  As soon as connectivity is restored, information automatically uploads to the Savii Care home care platform.
  • Stay in communication with your agency with secure messaging while electronic client care journals keeps caregivers (and families) in the care loop.
  • View critical care information such as dietary restrictions, allergies, and current medications.

Savii EVV

Have locations where your aides loose connectivity and you want instant notices that they are in a clients how.  Savii's EVV provides the perfect solution allowing your aides to use EVV to clock in / out and still document tasks on the mobile device.  As soon as connectivity is restored, all data is automatically uploaded to Savii Care.

Savii EVV+

The Savii EVV+ feature is a fully-integrated time and attendance service that provides real time visibility to work activity at your client locations. Using the telephone, employees can clock-in and clock-out as well as report on activities that happened during the visit.

No matter how your agency needs to document care delivery, Savii Connect provides the tools.

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