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The 2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study highlighted some KPIs that can help agencies improve performance and increase growth, including:

  • Inquiry to admission ratio: How many potential clients or referrals are calling? How many become clients after that first call? Your inquiry to admission ratio is an important indicator of an agency’s overall sales performance. Savii Care's Home Care management platform allows agencies to track features such as any person or business that is sending clients and caregivers to your organization vs. how many actually sign with your agency.
  • Client turnover: Clients come and go. While it’s true that there will always be client turnover within the home care industry, you still need to understand trends related to client discontinuation of service. Some turnover is inevitable, due to clients passing away. However, a higher than normal turnover rate indicates avoidable problems, such as poor client satisfaction. It’s important to take the temperature of client satisfaction from time to time. This can help you identify areas that need attention in order to decrease client turnover. Savii Care provides a client and caregiver matching feature to help ensure clients are matched with caregivers who have skills and personalities that best meet the client's needs.
  • Billable hours: Bringing in new clients and growing the billable hours of current clients are key aspects of improving this particular KPI. Thanks to the Savii Connect EVV functionality, Savii Care's Billing Manager module allows agencies to calculate real-time billing for any time period, as well as create billing reports for active and posted billing periods, so you can easily track billable hours.


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