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Savii Care is a complete, web-based home care agency management solution that streamlines the caregiver, administrative, and financial operations of care delivery organizations by providing unprecedented opportunities for productivity, collaboration, and growth.

  • Easily define your care provider's skills, capabilities, credentials, availability and pay scale
  • Generate badges directly from Savii Care
  • Verify visits and activities with GPS timecards or integrated EVV telephony system
  • Communicate seamlessly via Savii Care's secure, integrated messaging system
  • Rely on automatic shift reminders and missed visit alerts.
  • Shift details, linkable maps, schedules, caregiver plans, and shift notes are made available to care team members
  • Auto calculate pay and mileage
  • Credential monitoring 
  • Credential alerts
  • Export to Quickbooks (desktop or online), Paychex, and ADP or your preferred vendor
  • Reports including
    • Total profit and margin values
    • Revenue by location
    • Overtime
    • Revenue by referral source
    • Projected revenue


Savii Caregiver Manager - Manage your Agency Caregiver’s Online Effectively  


Earn tax credits for caregivers you're already hiring

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program for home care is a Federal tax credit program that provides tax credit incentives for employers to hire certain classes of individuals. This is a tax credit for your home care business, not the caregiver. 20-30% of caregivers qualifiy and the average tax credit is $2,600.

Earning even one tax credit can more than pay for Savii Care. 

A real example: If you hire 50 caregivers this year and put each to work for a minimum of 120 hours, your agency could receive a $26,000 tax credit. Or, think about how many caregivers you'll hire this year and assume 20% will qualify where each tax credit is worth $2,600. 

Tax Credits for hiring Veterans

Unemployed Veterans who have at least a 10% service connected disability can earn your home care agency a $9,600 tax credit -- the highest WOTC credit available. 

Reduce tax liability to $0

If you hire and put qualified caregivers to work between 120 - 400 hours, your business could reduce or eliminate your tax liability. 


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Enhancing Caregiver Accountability

Our Caregiver Manager Helps Agencies Enhancing Caregiver Accountability 

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