• david80691

Chocolate or Vanilla & Outcomes vs. Efficiency

Some questions require nothing but the easiest of answers. Dog person or cat person? Mets or Yankees? Chocolate or vanilla? The decision is clear. But when you’re an innovative homecare software company like Savii, the choice between emphasizing work toward more efficient workflows or better health outcomes is just not that simple.

On the one hand, software is the primary efficiency tool. Homecare Providers look to it for greater digitization and automation around daily tasks – both in the office and where they deliver care in the home. It may be expensive but robust solutions that help providers accomplish more with less are well worth their cost. We at Savii have come a long way in improving homecare efficiency through technology.

On the other hand, we’ve also taken a turn, going deeper on features toward improved health outcomes at home. Providing health risk analytics, prompts, and alerts to potential falls, meds nonadherence, acute weight changes, declines due to loneliness, and other changes in condition, we are more than ever a platform to manage heath risk at home, leading to better outcomes.

The result is that we’re not just a better workflow management software anymore, but a homecare platform to help keep your Clients at a lower risk of episodes and dreaded visits to the hospital. Our identity has shifted and become more complex. And that may mean we can’t just define ourselves in the simplest of terms like dogs/Yankees/chocolate. But what you do is not simple either, so why should we be?

We’d love to hear which part of the Savii mission speaks most to you! Contact us anytime to speak to our team about streamlined workflows, improved client health outcomes – or both.