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A software company and a nursing team walk into a bar…

Updated: Jun 1

Introducing “SaviiTriage”

Yes, we’re a software company, and yes, we also offer an Interventions care team of nurses, that respond to heightened risk detected in the home. How this all came about is an interesting story…

For years, our clients asked for it. Their reasoning stands: “Since your technology identifies potential health risks at home, it would be great if you could also evaluate that risk, and act on it, on our behalf.”

As it turns out, our team is uniquely qualified – both our CTO and head of Sales for example are RNs, and many others from our team have relevant clinical experience. So from there, we hired nurses specially qualified as Interventionists.

And while other delegated outsourced nurse options exist, they are typically geared to on-call after-hours periods, are not integrated with agency software platforms, and are not tech-driven like ours. We uniquely train our nurses on underlying technology that includes alerts, predictive analytics, and other key features that substantially reduce costly episodes.

The exciting part is that as everything came together! Our Triage nurse team (now offered as a separate, add-on service) relies largely on real-time data coming from Caregivers utilizing our EVV/mobile app in the home. These nurses are working within the same SaviiCare software instance used by the agency, so all the data is shared and updated according to risk detected, alerts sent, and interventions taken – for all to see.

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