Savii Inc. Announces New Client Link Home Care out of NY

Date: 20th Aug 2019

TAMPA, Fla.Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Link Home Care Services, cutting-edge LHCSA and CDPAP provider out of New York, selects Savii Inc. as their home care software platform. Their partnership formed due to shared values and desire to drive innovation in the home care industry.

Hillel, CEO of Link, said, "I found Savii's approach on technology to be very attractive as many of them have delivered care themselves, they know exactly what agencies need. The Savii team have built their technology around the industry instead of building the technology and forcing the industry into their business processes."

Since the beginning of the relationship, Savii and Link have worked together to identify opportunities to streamline processes through technology. The initial focus is on Link's consumer-directed care program (CDPAP), a unique and complex business that will benefit from automation. Link has tremendous experience and leadership in the CDPAP space. This experience, combined with Savii's expertise in rapidly developing solutions, will provide a win for both companies. This example of process and platform optimization is achieved only when there is a spirit of partnership between a software company (Savii) and its customers.

Kristen Duell, Savii CEO, states, "We are excited to see what the future of this relationship will bring, as we strive together to make a change and be disrupters in this industry. Given the temperature of the consumer-directed [CDS] markets in states like New York, we are delivering functionality that has been missing and is unmatched in the space."

About Link:
Link Home Care prides itself with delivering customized, individualized and professional care to each one of their clients. We utilize a team-centered approach to caregiving, which involves the client, family and all healthcare professionals in all facets. Link Home Care makes a conscious effort to match the personalities of caregiver and client to best assure our clients' security, serenity, and trust. Moving forward Link will take a holistic approach to their patients and offering a 360 service for their needs, shifting to the forefront of the industry with a preventative care model in their market.

About Savii:
Savii is a Home Care technology provider that believes in designing and developing agency management and point-of-care solutions that transform the way care is delivered in the home. Innovation is at the heart of everything Savii does. Savii is owned by United Kingdom-based H.A.S. Technology Group.

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