PASCO Home Health Making Strides With Savii

Date: 24th Feb 2021

Savii Inc. announces new customer, Personal Assistance Services of Colorado. Savii Inc. is PASCO's agency management and point-of-care solution of choice for their home health programs, including Family Caregiver and In-Home Support Services.

PASCO Director of Technology Solutions, Andrew Layne says, "Savii is one of those rare groups that pairs a strong solution with remarkable people. They have an approach that's both consultative and compassionate, and it's evident how much they care for their clients. This will be a foundational partnership for us that will enable us to serve our clients in new and better ways every day."

PASCO spent nearly a year assessing solutions that fit the unique needs of Colorado's Medicaid program. Colorado Medicaid requires more extensive clinical documentation and reporting than home-based Medicaid programs in most other states. Through a detail-oriented evaluation process, Savii and PASCO have entered a collaborative partnership designed to create solutions for effective client care and process optimization. Regular communication, inclusion of key personnel, detailed discovery, and planning has helped advance a successful implementation.

Savii Executive Leader, Ashley Wharton says, "The PASCO team have been a delight to work with, a true partnership in which both Savii and Pasco are looking to optimize processes and create efficiencies."

About PASCO:
For nearly 30 years, PASCO has been pioneering the way for people with disabilities to live independently with choice. This road was paved with a mixture of advocacy, support, and compassion for our clients and caregivers. We continue to add solutions to our clients and caregivers for their long-term benefit.

About Savii:
Savii is a Home Care technology provider that believes in designing and developing agency management and point-of-care solutions that supports the ever-evolving way care is delivered in the home. Innovation is at the heart of everything Savii does. Savii is owned by United Kingdom-based H.A.S. Technology Group.

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