Home Care Software Solution, Savii Inc., Lands Dynamic Business Leader with Appointment of VP of Growth and Optimization

Date: 20th Aug 2019

TAMPA, Fla.Aug. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Savii, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of Keri Lamont, MBA, BSBM, as the VP of Growth and Optimization. During her 26 years' experience in the healthcare industry, she has helped hundreds of businesses overcome barriers, serve more clients, and optimize business performance while keeping a patient-centric focus.  Although she began her career by pursuing a nursing degree, she realized business and strategy suited her better. Lamont is a dynamic business leader known for her high-energy and zesty approach to life. Colleagues have described her as a keen strategist and master problem solver. The team at Savii, Inc., agrees and welcomed her to the firm in July. She will be working closely with CEO, Kristen Duell, and SVP of Technology, Ashley Wharton, to lead the company's market-facing strategies and growth efforts while providing a differentiated customer experience.

Lamont indicates, "While I will be focused on growth, I'm acutely aware of the need to develop loyal and 'sticky' relationships with our customers. We want to cultivate a spirit of true partnership as the user base continues to grow. Savii's entire leadership team now has caregiving, operations, sales and technology experience in our specific industry. We walk the talk. And I can't wait to help bring a differentiated experience to small and large home care agencies. People need tools to help run an efficient agency, maximize their opportunities, and retain their caregiver staff. We know those pains all too well, and we want to be a solution."

The addition of Lamont to the executive team is a signal that Savii's expansion across the US home care software industry has a healthy momentum.  

CEO Duell adds, "When she [Keri] first saw Savii, she could see how it was a simple but powerful tool, easy to use, and scalable. I shared how our development methodology allows for rapid and reliable updates – something with which many software vendors struggle. She immediately focused in on the positive impact this has on our customers' business – from productivity & profitability to agency users & caregiver experience. She truly wants to see home care agencies thrive. I knew I had the right person for the job."


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