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How Can We Support You

Date: 03rd Apr 2019

One of the most common questions we often hear from home care agencies and caregivers is how can we support them?

Savii has reliable, secure, and innovative home care management solutions to meet the everyday challenges of home care aides who are dedicated to their clients care. 

It is key that home care is more than a nurse visiting your home, it is home care aides who help with the day to day activities that make up the clients day. Agencies need a better way to engage with caregivers. Our innovation revolves around agencies and how to be a better partner for your business. 

Elderly, sick patients are more likely to rely on caregivers and if caregivers don’t have appropriate information, they won’t be able to assist them properly. By partnering with companies like Nevvon, we can assist in improving caregiver training.

Our software is designed to make a positive impact on quality of care and workplace efficiency. It will not only improve the workflow performance but also save time that would have been otherwise spent on correcting document inaccuracies, tracking down records, and more.

If your home care agency struggles with managing patient records and other healthcare issues, Savii can help.

With Savii’s home care agency software, we ensure your agency remains focused on improving outcomes along with lowering costs. Our software is designed by people who have walked in your shoes, therefore, it offers an end-to-end solution needed by home care agencies and caregivers.

If you have any query, you may contact Jenna Schwartz, the Director of Business Development for a detailed discussion regarding our solutions.
 You may schedule your meeting with her here.

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