Join U.S Director of Business Development- Jenna Schwartz to get Homecare Agency Management Solutions

Date: 04th Mar 2019

Do you want to change something about the home care industry? Or do you want a software that helps you get avoid turnover? 

We are inviting you to an event, attended by Jenna Schwartz, the U.S Director of Business Development. 
As an essential part of HAS Technology Group based in Tampa Florida, Savii, Inc is proud to provide effective caregiver solutions to our clients to ease their challenges. As a leading home care agency solution we strive to develop a secure, reliable, and innovative post-acute care management solutions to help agencies and caregivers to meet everyday challenges. With our Savii home care software solution, we help agencies to deliver better patient care that makes their experience from recruiting to billing, a smooth one.

Meet Jenna Schwartz for a detailed Discussion

Jenna Schwartz, the U.S Director of Business Development will join us at the IL Homecare and Hospice Annual Conference from March 4 - 8 to be held in Chicago. She will be with us for four days. We look forward to a detailed discussion on all aspects related to Home Care Agency Management Software.  
The meeting will be focused on three main aspects :

1) The changes you want in the Home Care industry
2) Software that can help you avoid turnover
3) How we can be better partners with Home Care agencies
At Savii, we strive to put people first. Our aim is to provide inspiration to agencies and their caregivers to deliver quality care with our home care management solutions. 

Built on three core principles: 

Top-notch service availability, Privacy and Security Compliance, Exceptional customer support.

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