Preventing Burnout for Home Care Agency Executives

Date: 20th Mar 2020

Burnout in the home health industry is a real issue at all levels — from direct caregivers to leaders. For home care agency entrepreneurs, the long hours of running a business combined with the demands of delivering exceptional patient-centered care can take a serious toll. While you may think that everything needs to fall on your shoulders as a leader, taking on too much and burning yourself out will inevitably trickle down to your entire organization. A burned-out leader will undoubtedly inspire a burned-out staff that is unable to give your clients the care they deserve.

While the buck does stop with you, there are steps you can and should take to streamline your agency, improve your communication and balance your life. At Savii, our entire leadership team has been there. It’s why we started a company that provides practical solutions to home care agencies of all sizes. Avoiding burnout helps you stay in the game for the long run, so you can grow your business, develop your team and help patients for years to come.

Practical ways to find balance and streamline your agency

So how do you actually reduce the risk of burnout if you’re a home care agency executive? With our new e-book, the Savii team has identified six key focus areas that you can work on: 

  1. Prioritizing work-life balance — Leaders need to have the discipline to prioritize and compartmentalize their home life, or their mental and physical health can suffer.
  2. Developing a clear and consistent strategy — Knowing what you’re doing and why can keep you motivated. Savii has the tools to help.
  3. Achieving functional communication — Sending confusing messages, or no messages, can lead to wasted time and reduced productivity.
  4. Reducing paperwork — Spending hours a day on needless administrative tasks and paperwork is a leading cause of burnout. With the right systems in place, you can dig yourself out of the paperwork mountain. 
  5. Streamlining staff workflow — Is your team spinning their wheels filling out forms or dealing with schedule changes? Having to manage needlessly complicated workflows takes time away from other, more productive pursuits.
  6. Staying patient-focused — Helping people is the reason you started your agency, and making sure every part of your organization functions to achieve this goal will keep you motivated and energized on a long-term basis. Savii has a wide range of solutions that help agencies better care for their clients.

By working on these six things every day, you can soon find yourself running a high-performing agency that is actually an added source of satisfaction in your life. 

Check out our informative e-book for a deeper dive

Want more information? We’re happy to share our informative and easy-to-understand e-book that fully explores these six essential topics. We’ll give you tips on putting these ideas into practice right away and show you how a home health management platform like Savii Care can help take your practice to the next level of performance and efficiency.

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