Why innovation should focus on technology with a pulse.

Date: 25th Apr 2019

One of the most contentious issues in American society today is the availability of affordable healthcare. One thing that everyone can agree on is that technology continues to play a vital role in the delivery of quality care, driving efficiencies and safety, with mutual benefits for patients and providers.


Not only advances in medical devices, but also improvements to healthcare practices and processes have saved countless lives and increased the quality of care. One chief example is the introduction of electronic health records, which replaced cumbersome paper records by enabling caregivers to access records and enter data digitally. This approach takes less time and reduces the risk of errors in patient information and financial details.


The focus of implementing technology in healthcare has rightly been placed on improving the quality of care and increasing efficiency. However, as the capacity and ubiquity of technology continues to march forward, we need to ask ourselves what the goal for such technology should be in the community and home setting. Especially since, in society at large, technology often has the unintended consequence of weakening human connections.


Efficiency is still vital, but we have a greater purpose than just productivity and profit. Technology also has the power to enhance our human interactions when it is thoughtfully designed to do so. It is essential to keep in mind that people are the center of what we do; we must heed the call to do better.


We need technology with a pulse. The next wave of innovation in healthcare is enhancing experiences for people, connecting and supporting them, be they caregivers, patients or families and significant others. Our role should be simplifying and streamlining, giving time back to people so they can focus on their relationships. Tech should play a supporting role, not a central one.


Technology should also be intuitive and facilitate the smooth exchange of information to help people feel empowered. This is the additional value we can add to the healthcare system. The right technology can improve the experience for patients and their families while also making the responsibilities of caregivers easier and reducing the costs of running a healthcare business.


Today, patients are more tech-savvy than ever, using smartphones and tablets to get their daily news and stay in touch with family and friends. We’ve seen that providing caregivers in the field with greater support, access to information, just-in-time training and the feeling of being part of a team not only boosts productivity, it also increases their satisfaction, and ultimately the satisfaction of their clients. That’s why Savii builds home-care software that helps agencies profitably and efficiently deliver superior patient care on two equally important fronts: Savii Family for clients and their loved ones, and Savii Connect for caregivers.


The Savii Family portal helps clients and their families access their updated records anytime and anywhere, with secure access to schedules, electronic care journals, care team members, messages and statements, including completed visit summaries and ratings on caregiver and visits.

We developed Savii Connect based on the experience and feedback of agency owners, home-care leaders, care coordinators and caregivers to truly understand the needs of the people doing the work. Designed to keep caregivers connected to the agency, their clients and each other, Savii Connect enables aides to clock in and out with GPS visit verification, document the care given and any issues that have arisen, capture signatures and securely communicate. It’s designed to be simple to use, because technology should make work easier instead of forcing people to work around it.   

At Savii, it is our belief that technology should enhance our humanity and ability to care for one another. See all the ways that we’re turning this vision into a reality at saviicare.com/solutions.

 Committed to innovation, Ashley


Ashley Wharton is the Senior Vice President of Technology at Savii, Inc. He is focused on driving efficiency and empowering caregivers by utilizing the latest in AI and mobile technologies.

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