What Would You Do if you had Extra Time in Your Day?

Date: 16th May 2019

Time is the most precious gift you can give and in the health care, world agencies and caregivers are faced with the challenge to deliver exceptional care with shrinking profit margins and heavy caseloads, making time management crucial. 

Savii, Inc. can help! By bringing our exceptional non-medical private pay solution into practice we will help you to save your time and money!

What is a Non-Medical Private Pay Solution?

Savii Care is a web-based, easy to use software designed for non-medical home care agencies. It offers integrated telephony, easy scheduling, two-way communication with caregivers and marketing tools. It makes things easier to manage for caregivers, schedulers, owners and case managers. 

We don’t compromise on quality or simplicity! 

Whether you are a caregiver, scheduler, owner or case manager, our Home Care Software helps you:

  • Schedule for various types of shifts
  • Streamline Insurance, Medicaid and Private Pay billing
  • Authorization Management integrated with billing and scheduling for compliance
  • GPS based EVV options with CV Telephony or CV Mobile or both     

Our solution will help you in managing bills, meeting comprehensive regulatory requirements, optimizing reimbursement, improving quality of care and bringing operational efficiency to your agency.

  • Caregivers – They only need to clock in and clock out once
  • Schedulers – They only need to schedule a single visit rather than multiple
  • Case Managers – They can save time in adjustments
  • Owners- It saves their team time as it grows your agency without increasing staffing load.

Why Choose Us?

Savii is your partner who provides timely care delivery and tight profit margins.Our three golden rules:

  •  Outstanding service availability
  •  Great Customer Support
  •  Privacy and Security Compliance

Our home care software is designed for agencies to increase their profitability and efficiency. 

If you are seeking to manage everything without any hassle, from recruiting to billing your clients, Savii Care has got you covered.
An integrated home care platform helps you save your time, money and allows you to enjoy your extra time. So, are you ready to get the most out of your free time? Get Savii today

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