What are your vendors’ commitments to YOUR compliance?

Date: 12th Jun 2019

Is your vendor truly committed to helping your agency stay compliant? Are you getting the required assistance from them to be successful?

It’s become very easy to trust a vendor just because everyone else is using them.

We hear about HIPPA beaches in the news, far more than we should. These breaches cost money, patient credibility and take valuable time away from agencies.

As a home care agency, you are responsible for your patient’s privacy. You are held to challenging compliance standards in a rapidly changing world of technology.

Wondering what are these standards?

HIPAA is an acronym of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act passed in 1996 by Congress. This standard has become synonymous with healthcare, practiced and preached throughout the hospice and home care industry.

The cornerstone of patient privacy, Savii follow’s HIPAA standards precisely. The rules of these standards are intricate so knowing your in good hands is essential for your agency.

Why Choose Savii?

Home care agencies who are seeking a solution where they can have peace of mind should look to Savii.

Keeping pace with ever-changing technology, we don’t just meet HIPPA standards, but we really value your compliance.

We provide a user-friendly solution that is dedicated to successful compliance for your agency.

  • Encrypted solution
  • Compliance driven
  • Reduce human error, by managing exceptions

Enjoy the several benefits of our home care solution with built-in checks and balances. Implement documentation compliance and gain other efficiencies.

We offer reliable and trustworthy solutions that are committed to your patient’s privacy.

Get in touch with us and let us help you with the best home care software and solution.

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