What does ‘Partner’ Mean to you?

Date: 19th Mar 2019

Many use the term partner to describe what ultimately leads to business as usual. 

At Savii partner means we are your ally in this ever-changing industry and we will align our goals with your agencies goals. 

Savii provides cloud-based home care software solutions- Savii Care, Savii Connect, Savii Nurse, Savii Family, and Savii ARMED! 

Is it the right fit for you?

Our solution aims to solve issues and support your patients and caregivers. 

Software that makes things easier and Savii has you covered! 

Our cloud-based solution is designed for business owners, supervisors, managers, schedulers, case managers and caregivers whether you are looking for patient billing, accounting, scheduling, point of care, accounting and so much more. 

Savii will be your PARTNER.

Savii’s solutions have several features that make it your perfect partner. It is a flexible solution that not only supports your patients, and caregivers but also aligns with the goals of your organization. Based on the awareness of real-life challenges, our home care billing software acts as a helping hand that makes things easier for your home care agency.

Who we help?

We are not just limited to helping home care agencies, but also partner marketing & sales, schedules, billers, HR Managers, care recipients, and their families. 

Our onboard process allows separate departments to share the information of the clients. It also maintains the data of the patient along with calculating billing, recording the plan of care and pictures for identification verification. 

Our Savii Connect app can be your companion in both Android and iOs devices. It allows the users to track assigned tasks, check the history of the patients and send alerts on several issues. 

At Savii, our primary focus is to create a partnership with Home Care Agencies. If you own a Home Care Agency and looking for the perfect partner to assist in solving your challenges, then get in touch with us today.

We are dedicated to developing secure, reliable and innovative solutions that can solve everyday challenges faced by agencies, caregivers and the clients you serve. 

With an aim to provide practical solutions that leave a positive impact on society, we ensure to deliver something practical to the agencies. 

To chat with one of our representatives, click on https://lnkd.in/dPVSCXx  

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