The Top Features To Include In Your EMR

Date: 20th Jan 2021

The Top Features to Include In Your EMR

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions completely transformed the medical industry. Without EMRs, medical institutions are left with stacks of paper to file and manage sensitive patient data. An EMR streamlines many of the integral functions that remain critical to agencies of all sizes. Unfortunately, not all EMRs function in the same manner. You may require a specialty EMR that offers additional features to better serve your agency. An EMR that’s focused toward your organization’s end goals enable your staff to maximize efficiency and provide quality health services to your patients. To help you determine the best EMR for your agency, the team at Savii has established a few key points to look for in your next system.

Billing integration

Integration is an essential aspect of EMRs. Integration links two electronic tools to provide an enhanced user experience. One major integration is the ability to include billing. This integration provides organizations with the ability to streamline the billing process for your patients. A billing integration limits coding errors that result in payment delays, and generally improves your staff’s overall efficiency. Plus, billing integration paves the way for faster electronic reimbursements. Incorporating billing into your EMR reduces the time needed to enter patient information each time a billing cycle occurs. This in turn allows care teams to devote more time to their patients.

Document scanning

Whether specialized or not, EMRs should have the ability to scan documents. This allows for custom workflows that are customized to an organization’s specific needs. This feature also enables teams to direct supporting documentation to either your in-house or external billing clerks to send for reimbursement. There’s no need to obtain additional paperwork as you worry about missing paperwork needed for the billing process.

Ease of communication

An ever-connected world requires constant communication between your staff and patients. Appointment reminders allow teams to send reminders of future appointments. This proves to be useful as caregivers may see multiple patients over the course of a single work week. EMRs have the capability to integrate with your scheduler to directly message your patients. An automated messaging system results in significant costs and time savings for agencies.

Data at your fingertips

Access to data is incredibly important for any agency. Your agency should be in the know about your patients and your performance output. Metrics of every detail about your agency should be easily accessible to further encourage growth within your organization.

Choosing the right EMR doesn’t have to be difficult. Understanding your core needs as an organization will help shape your decision. Need further advice? Don’t look any further. Reach out to one of our many specialists at Savii Care to help you choose the best EMR for your organization.

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