Savii Wants to Recognize YOU!

Date: 22nd Mar 2019

Who doesn’t want to get recognized for their good deeds? Home Care Agencies like yours do extraordinary acts every day. Exceptional agencies and people deserve extraordinary partners. Savii’s home care software is the solution for you!

Although, there are several home care software solutions out there and choosing one that shows results is a hard nut to crack! 

But, imagine you have a fully-integrated software that provides real-time visibility to the client & caregiver activities. 

How do we recognize you? By respecting the delivery of care and aligning our organizational goals with your agencies. 

Savii Care EVV is another feature we offer to solve daily challenges you experience. Savii Care agency management provides an integrated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Solution for home care agencies. Offering an unprecedented workflow, it makes work life more natural than ever for both caregivers and office staff. 

EVV is a kind of technology used by a caregiver during the home visit. This technology helps in capturing information or details about the visit. The details can be obtained on a mobile app by using an EVV app. 

Here is a little more information on how it works.

For Caregivers: Savii Connect empowers caregivers with the best home care software tool to capture signatures, complete plan and check their schedules. 

For Agencies: Savii Care provides agency staff with an ability to manage and monitor caregivers for maintaining the highest level of control and timely patient visits. Apart from this, this home care management tool offers Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)system that captures evidence while making sure compliance and automating workflow. 

Top-notch Mobile Ready EVV: Assurance, Accountability, and Access

If you are looking for an effective software solution that not only alerts agencies for no-shows and delayed visit but also offers live-monitoring of home visits, Savii Connect EVV has got you covered! 

EVV gives the real-time show of the home and also helps the agency to stay compliant. With Savii Care & Connect, home care agencies are in the complete control of what goes on with home visits. The data captured of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) flows into the system automatically, enabling precise payroll and quick billing. 

Savii provides a perfect solution allowing home care agencies to use EVV monitor activities. The data is uploaded to Savii Care automatically. 

Our Savii EVV+ also offers real-time visibility to every work activity happening at your client’s home. This attendance and fully-integrated service can be used with the help of mobile or landline. It allows employees to clock in/out and report on each activity taking place during the visit.

EVV through apps and mobile devices offer an easy, fast, secure, and error-free verification solution for both caregivers and customers. 

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