Caregiver Management Software: Making Home Care Agencies Job Easier than Before

Date: 25th Jan 2019

A surefire method to enhance your customer satisfaction is to work closely with your care providers and customers. But, it is not as easy as it seems. At times, you need a software or tool that can help you to manage your home care business properly along with delivering high-quality services to your clients.

The right home care software can make your job a lot easier. But, choosing it can be a huge commitment of time and money. If you are seeking a solution that is willing to offer a higher return on investment and makes home care management easier, then Savii Care has got you covered.

Savii Care’s home care software not only provides general support to a home care agency but also helps to maintain and update important information. Before understanding the concept of Savii Care, first, let’s learn what home care management software is all about.

What is Home Care Management Software?

A caregiver management software is one of the essential tools you require to run a home care business successfully. Basically, it is designed to fulfill the basic needs of caregiver businesses to make their job easier.

A home care management software like Savii Care is an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage the major tasks of your agency through a single portal. The software is specially designed to meet the specific requirements of home care agencies from managing their accounts to keeping a record of their caregivers and clients to more. The features of a management system do not end here. It also offers a way to communicate with your caregivers and clients who are concerned about their aged parents.

Why Use a Home Care Management Software?

In-home caregiving industry, the major goal of a caregiver is to provide optimum care to an individual in need. As a part of a professional home care agency, you should make use of caregiver management software to deliver excellent services. With the help of this software, caregivers can send or make bill payments. It also notifies about the hours limit, missed shifts and more.

Now if you are wondering why do you need a home care management system, then let’s dive into the reasons. Here’s how a Savii Care can help you.  

  • Time Management is a Vital Caregiving Skill

Time is an essential aspect when it comes to providing care to an older adult. You need proper planning to save time and reduce stress. Delay in an important activity or medication may put the health of elderly at risk.

Savii Care offers the best solution to manage everything wisely. It keeps a record of every single detail and helps you provide the desired care.

  • Client & Caregiver Matching

Choosing the right caregiver for a specific client can be a time-consuming and daunting task. However, with the help of right home care software, you can pair up clients and caregivers depending on their skills, care demands, and schedule. It is essential to pick the right caregiver to keep both your clients and employees happy and satisfied.

  • Foster a Culture of Transparency & Honesty

For an open, transparent and honest working culture, you should know how to make the best use of home care management software in your organization.

A home care management software like Savii Care helps a caregiver to track the completion of his whole day tasks and also gives feedback. Moreover, it keeps managers and clients updated with the caregivers’ job. They can check what task has been completed at that time. In short, the software makes caregivers responsible and encourages them to provide quality and efficient work to the clients.

  • Reflects the Core Values of a Home Care Agency

By reflecting the core values of your business including your company’s approach to caring for senior citizens fulfills the expectations of your staff and caregivers and it sets apart your home care business from the competitors.

Make it a desirable place for people searching for care for their aging parents and for those looking to work in this field. When you provide caregiving services without taking core values for granted, you can make your home care agency a perfect destination for needy people. Moreover, it is only possible with home care management software.

Savii Care’s Ultimate Home Care Management Software

With the help of Savii Care’s home care management software, you can improve the overall performance of your caregiving business. It is dedicated to helping home care agencies with proper management and delivering exceptional patient care.

Savii Care’s private duty software empowers both home care agencies and caregivers to offer better in-home patient care. It is specially designed to improve engagement and reduce staff turnover. It helps to ease the workload of caregivers and enables them to focus their skills and passion for helping patients.

Savii Care’s home care software is uniquely positioned to develop and deliver secure, reliable, and innovative care management solutions to home care businesses and caregivers.

With extensive experience in this industry, we understand your responsibilities. Hence, we’ve tried our level best to deliver unmatching support in boosting your overall business performance.

Our integrated web platforms & mobile apps (Savii Care, Savii Family, Savii Nurse, and Savii Connect Mobile POC App) connect families, care providers, and patients to offer transparency into care delivered.

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