Finding the Right Care Management Software for Your Agency

Date: 14th Dec 2020

As turnover rates continue to rise in home health, the need for caregiver management software is needed more than ever. Caregiver management software helps agencies manage their day-to-day operations through modules such as referrals, intake, scheduling, point of care documentation, billing, and payroll. Platforms like Savii Care come equipped with tools to increase engagement from caregivers as they offer improved care to their patients. Plus, caregiver management software produces higher productivity at your agency as time and budgets are easily managed through a digital platform. If you’re in need of a reliable software system that helps your agency recruit aides, acquire customers, and schedule and deliver care, then consider the following features you’ll need to successfully run your agency.

Not all caregiver management software work equally. Agencies need software that works for them. They need reliable technology that streamlines their tasks and overall processes. That’s why caregivers and their agencies should determine their core priorities to find the right solution for their organization.

Powerful technology at your fingertips

Attract and win customers with technology that lets your team manage and track your daily tasks,referrals, develop, and add new patients. Plus, add necessary notes, track your expenses and receive every metric you need to determine the ROI of your agency. All of these tasks should be handled with just the click of a button.

Streamline your schedules

Agencies shouldn’t spend so much time with a scheduler. Save money and time as you invest in a much more thoughtful solution. Strategic caregiver platforms enable teams to schedule all available shifts and troubleshoot missed shifts as you run your schedules seamlessly.

Eliminate paper billing

Environmentally friendly agencies constantly worry about how much paper they use during the billing process. A conscious platform streamlines the entire billing process. Find a solution that supports multiple payors and has the workflows to automate billing and payroll with multiple payroll processors.

One stop shop aide logs

The need to access aide logs in one place is an asset to any organization. Agencies still struggle to deliver logs as caregivers look to offer the best care possible. As an agency, look for a solution that allows your caregivers to login from anywhere to access directions, manage shift details, care plans, clock in/clock out, capture electronic signatures, and much more in one single application.

Hire and manage the best talent

Quality employees are the foundation of a great agency. Without the use of a platform that can not only hire but manage these employees, your organization will likely struggle to attract and keep reliable workers. Seek a platform that attracts, screens, hires and onboards candidates. Look for a solution that can also track an individual’s skills, training certifications and credentials, and modernize your human resource management.

Insightful data in one platform

Data is at the heart of everything you do. That’s why you require a platform that harnesses data from your entire agency. Find a solution that presents real-time data,see tasks accomplished by your caregivers, track a change in a patient’s condition, rate care aides, and access updated records in a secure fashion.

Find the right care management software that works for your organization. Assess your needs as an agency and determine the features you require for the team and your patients. Do you need further guidance? Talk to one of our trained specialists to help you find the right care management solution for you.

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