Eliminating Expenses and Maximizing Productivity with Care Management Software

Date: 07th Dec 2020

Have you asked yourself how you can save on expenses and maximize productivity? Everything from operational costs and the management of employees to costs associated with supplies completely overrun budgets at home health agencies. There are many self-proclaimed gurus out there that have dismal answers for those who wish to limit expenses and increase efficiency. However, Savii Inc. is a little different. As industry experts, we have served multiple clients from across the nation. With respect to our expertise, we’ve assembled a few points to consider as you look to accelerate your agencies’ performance.

Smart scheduling

We’ve seen it before; caregivers get burned out, and they frequently leave for greener pastures. As a result, your agency is left without qualified employees. The hiring process is simply expensive, and it’s even more expensive to train new staff. That’s why a solid investment in software technology that can schedule, monitor, and prevent employees from overwork is necessary. This in turn reduces overall payroll costs. Scheduling software that puts your staff first will allow them to review upcoming appointments to prepare ahead of time as they manage their hours as well.

Automate work

Administrative work is a complete hassle. Caregivers want to spend more time with patients and not in front of a screen or stacks of documentation. This burden limits patient and caregiver interactions. An easy-to-implement software solution that elevates administrative burdens would greatly benefit overall operations at an agency. Find a solution that automates the billing process, delivery of aide logs, and the retention of employees to ease your frustrations with administrative work.

Manage your clients

The attraction of new customers is a challenge in home health. It can be difficult for families as they look for the best organization that will serve their family members best. It’s also hard for agencies as they try to manage the referral process. Agencies need a software solution that manages and tracks referrals, develops, and adds new patients. All with the click of a button, providers should be able to attract, track and manage their clients.

Expenses add up quickly in-home health. The most effective manner to elevate financial burdens and increase productivity is through an all-inclusive software that services every department of your agency. Contact us here to learn more about care management software and how it will help you. 

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