Does your EHR system "care"

Date: 23rd Apr 2019

If your home care agency has adopted Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, then you must know how important it is. 

At Savii, our Private Duty EHR system is accurate and is designed to remove the burden from home care providers. Our EHR offers several features, helping your Home Care Agency to manage different functions. Some of the major functions managed by Savii are:

  1. ADL/Care needs assessment
  2. Enhanced Caregiver scheduling
  3. Clock-in & Clock out
  4. Care to track meditation reminder
  5. Billing payment processing
  6. Remote Care Monitoring
  7. Lead referral management

Our Electronic Health Record, EHR contains everything about the patient’s medical history. Starting from diagnoses, treatment plans, medical history, allergies, lab and test results and more. It helps in the Home Care Mobile Documentation, making things easier for Home Care Agencies. 

Be it a physician, caregivers or health care provider, EHR solutions will help in maintaining important data and provides medical treatment quickly and safely.

And what about Chronic Illness? Does your EHR support it?

If not, you should switch to Savii Care’s EHR system today! Maintain information and manage chronic illness with our Private Duty EHR. As a caregiver, you experience the ease of use and because of the high adoption agencies can see the effectiveness and patterns of treatment before making reporting changes in care. 

You can become even more successful when you work on a system that is as simple, savvy and as smooth as Savii! Our solution is easy-to-use and simple. Our powerful EHR empowers users to be better in terms of delivery of care.

With our robust  private duty EHR, Savii provides agencies with a centralized model that is scalable, an easy way to manage Home Care Mobile Documentation to simplify the process, allowing you to focus on patient care. 

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