Building With Savii

Date: 01st Feb 2021

Building the Future of Home Health Through a Partnership with Savii

Partnerships are essential for any business to grow and thrive in industries that continue to evolve. This remains true in the healthcare space as more organizations look to operate in an agile fashion. We’re not any different at Savii. We’re determined to establish mutual relationships where patients find the greatest benefit. In turn, organizations that partner with Savii enhance their service offerings to better deliver care to patients.

Innovating with technology

Our mission is simple. We improve the quality of life for patients as we empower private duty agencies to deliver the best care through innovative solutions. Our strength as an organization is harnessed from the latest technologies to improve agency efficiency and ensure caregivers are able to care for their patients effectively. Our solutions are also device agnostic and work across mobile platforms to integrate with wearable technology and devices that live at home. Plus, our solutions are completely secure and protects sensitive patient data.

A team of dedicated professionals

Great partnerships are made up of dedicated professionals who share a collective goal. At Savii, we strive to provide the highest standards of customer service. Our staff of professionals have a deep commitment to innovation and service as they work tirelessly to produce the most pioneering technology in home health care. Our diversity in experience, talents, and abilities inspires creativity in our core product.

One stop shop for everyone on the team

Our solutions support a tailored user experience for each agency employee. Everyone from marketers, schedulers, billers, caregivers, HR managers and ultimately patients and their families benefit from our platform. The ability to assist every member within an agency is how Savii stands apart from everyone else in the industry.

A partnership with Savii Care creates a competitive advantage for our clients as we develop relationships with world-class providers, businesses, technology and research institutions. Are you interested in a partnership with Savii? Contact us to learn more about our partnership program and how our goals mutually benefit everyone involved with the future of patient care. Interested to Savii Care for a spin? Try a free demo today.

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