5 Powerful Ideas to Boost Your Home Care Sales

Date: 29th Apr 2019

The competition in home care marketing today has grown by leaps and bounds. A solid marketing strategy which incorporates the right technological offerings can work wonders for your sales target. Right from connecting with the target audience, to communicating your services to them to taking their feedback – every step is vital for converting a lead into a patient or client. 

The 5 powerful ideas listed here can help you boost your home care sales. Let’s take a look: 

    1. Make the Most of LinkedIn for Networking
Networking is a vital aspect for boosting the sales of your home care business. The stronger your network, the higher are your chances of boosting referrals. LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking platforms. It has evolved tremendously over the years to become more user-friendly and is a perfect place for marketing opportunities. Its sales navigator and various plugins can help make a huge impact on your sales. For instance, some of the important features of its sales navigator tool you can use to your advantage are: 

    • Sales insights to ensure that you have valuable information for informed decision-making

    • Relationship building tools which allow you to move closer to your goal of converting leads into referral sources

    • An advanced algorithm to find out prospects which are best aligned with your services

    2. Explore Facebook Chatbot 

Explore the Facebook Chatbot for business pages. These chatbots allow you to have an automated conversation with people who click on the Facebook messenger of your business page to initiate a dialogue. Several keywords guide your customers to the next steps of the process, thus saving time and eliminating irrelevant requests which don’t lead to your home care sales. This method is extremely convenient to allow people to interact with your business, access your services, schedule an appointment or simply ask a question. Hence, if you want to start conversations with your potential referral sources rather than wait for them to come to you, Facebook Chatbot is a great option. You need to load email addresses and contact numbers from your subscriber list into the custom Facebook audiences. You can discourage spam by paying a fee for this service. It also allows you to remarket to your existing as well as potential customers by putting ad campaigns in their news feed even if they haven’t liked your business page on Facebook yet. 

    3. Give Attention to Personalization
Focus on providing your clients with a personalized experience. Home care is a field which has personalized health care at its core. Blanket services don’t work for every customer. Knowing your client and his or her needs thoroughly will help you design and deliver perfectly tailored solutions as per their home care needs. Your clients are more likely to come to you again or refer you to anyone they know if they receive personalized services from you. 

    4. Use Feedback and Surveys to Your Advantage  

The feedbacks and surveys of your existing and potential customers are a mine of valuable information, which can help you boost your home care sales. Create polls and surveys on social media or offer them in person. 

    5. Consider Using Social Media Platforms Like Instagram, Facebook &WhatsApp

Instagram DMs, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp messages are private messaging platforms but they can bring your home care business a host of benefits if used correctly. More and more people are sharing content exclusively on these channels and they also give you an idea about the type of content that is more likely to be shared. Tapping into these platforms can help you find out more about the type of content your prospective customers are consuming. 

These 5 powerful ideas are must-haves in your marketing strategy. They are sure to help you achieve effective outcomes beyond your sales target. 

Author Bio:

Melanie Stover

Melanie is a growth expert who coaches home care and hospice organizations throughout the country to help with their sales and marketing with her partner at Home Care Sales. She has authored several articles and manuals and regularly publishes content. When she’s not busy speaking at national events, you can find her playing with her 5-year-old twin boys while spending time at the beach on the gulf with her family and reading.

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