Meet our team

We are people with passion, caring about the way we care, because business needs to be more human.

Ashley Wharton

Executive Leader / CTO

Ashley Wharton comes to Savii with 17 years’ experience within the Post-Acute Industry. Wharton’s expertise is at the intersection of clinical practice, operational processes, data & technology. This has allowed him to succeed in roles that include a Clinician, CIO, COO and for the last eight years, in supporting BAYADA,  a large Home Health Care provider, at the corporate level. Contributing to their Clinical Quality & Compliance, Technology and more recently, innovation in the “People Group” space. Prior to this, he provided support and leadership during the transition from a paper-based clinical system to a full Electronic Medical Record, along with contributing to the product advisory board for that software vendor. Ashley has a background in technology and healthcare, working as a Registered Nurse before moving into the technology field and completing a Masters in Information Systems from Liverpool University, UK.

Jenna Schwartz

US Senior Director of Business Development

Jenna comes to Savii with 5 years of experience in the health information technology sector and 8 years experience in sales and marketing, as well as a degree in Accounting. Her tenacious approach coupled with her background has been a unique foundation for her role at Savii. 

Ruthie Williams

US Director of Operations

Ruthie has 7 years experience within the Post Acute Care Industry, with a heavy focus on Social Work. She has a degree in Psychology and obtained her Masters in Business. Her experience in this industry with health records, patient care, coupled with her passion for streamlined processes makes her uniquely qualified to help agencies deploy and maximize Savii. 

Cory Ring

Director of Methodology

Cory has been working with agile software development for over seven years. He is a tech enthusiast who enjoys working with cutting edge solutions and has a passion for helping teams improve their processes, quality, and communication. Cory has been a part of many organizations from large to small, including two independent companies he started on his own. He loves that at Savii; he gets to use his entrepreneurial skills to find new solutions, that help us to grow and improve but also allow us to form and do best practices.

Amran Sanghera

Manager of Business Development

Amran comes to HAS Technology with entrepreneurial experience having launched an online business leveraging social marketing in his approach, resulting in 500% growth in under six months. He is a highly motivated creative thinker, with six years of experience across different sales/marketing environments, from optics to IT.

He has gained vast experience within the SaaS market by taking on the challenge of setting up and managing a business unit for HAS Technology, focused on selling solutions to care agencies delivering adult social care. Recently Amran also played a significant part in a role focused around helping councils gather COVID related data within the health and social care sector in London, UK. This was done using HAS Technology’s PAMMS solution. Throughout his tenure, he has developed a wide range of international experience within the healthcare industry between the US and UK, with a focus on managing the commercial market development of SaaS platforms - meeting expectations by handling this process efficiently and ensuring departments are communicating/working alongside each other effectively. Amran also has a degree in Marketing from The University of Coventry and is a graduate from the Academy of Pareto Law.

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