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Raising the Bar with Smarter Remote Patient Monitoring

Data is passively collected around the clock into the SaviiSafeguard platform* from devices worn by the individual. This data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms and risk escalations alerting to the early onset of risk, resulting in more effective prevention and earlier interventions.


Fall Prevention

Utilize wearable technology and machine learning to identify risks earlier within the care cycle.

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Remote Risk Monitoring

Remotely observe key health and wellness metrics to identify changes in risk and decide where care services are needed.

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Vitals Monitoring

Track ongoing vital sign metrics with our practical and economical watch, armband, drinking cup, scale, and other devices.

*SaviiSafeguard is licensed by Technicare Solutions Limited-UK, available in the U.S. starting 2024

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Award-Winning Technology

Data is constantly collected by worn devices and analyzed using machine learning algorithms, delivering risk escalation alerts as needed. Community trials have identified that warning flags are being raised approximately 32 days in advance of a potential incident, allowing for early intervention and appropriate support.

With awards for innovation in digital healthcare and incredible results from community trials, we’ve gained the support of the Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) and were in the 1% of companies chosen to be a Microsoft co-sell partner.


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Providing Actionable Insights to
Providers and Clinicians by
Incorporating Health and
Behavioral Data

Combining advanced predictive analytics with wearable technology, SaviiSafeguard is an optional add-on that allows providers and clinicians to identify escalating client risk and deploy the most effective resources.

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The wearables technology will arrive fully configured and ready to collect data, allowing you to spot signs of escalated risk from afar and prioritize resources in situations where clients are isolated and vulnerable.

Get started with remote risk monitoring in 3 easy steps.

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Priscilla Hiram

Absolute Care Services, MD

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We are constantly focused on improving operational performance while providing quality care to our clients at home, and are thrilled to be on the Savii platform to help us meet our goals. Savii’s innovative tools and excellent support bring peace-of-mind to our team and empowerment to best achieve our goals.

Ready for Better Insights?

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