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The In-Home Caregivers' Guide to "the conversation."

by Michelle Harper on September 26, 2017

According to recent data, 77% of adult children assert that their parents are stubborn about taking good advice. This statistic comes as no surprise to in-home caregivers, who often find themselves engaged in similar situations with those under their care.


If you work with someone who would benefit from investing in Disposable Absorbent Underwear (DAU) but have experienced some push back, it could be that the individual in question has unwittingly swallowed some of the common myths regarding the use of DAU. Of course, it would be a shame if trust in a common myth kept them from experiencing the comfort and protection that quality DAU can bring.

To that end, in order to promote the use of DAU, you may need to debunk a few myths first. If you're not sure where to begin, here are four common myths you can address to get the conversational ball rolling.

Four Myths Regarding the Use of Disposable Absorbent Underwear 

They Are Uncomfortable

While it is certainly true that some DAU brands are uncomfortable, there are steps that can be taken to ensure the best-case scenario. First, ordering the right size, fit, and absorbency level can go a long way toward keeping clients comfortable and protected. Second, investing in premium products can make a huge difference.

The good news is that premium doesn't necessarily mean expensive. 

They Are Expensive

Again, there's a grain of truth in this. Some DAU brands are inordinately expensive. Fortunately, many companies and providers offer routine sales and discounts. Anyone willing to do a bit of homework and poke around online can usually find a deal. What's more, those willing to order in bulk can generally bring their costs down even further. 

Disposables Are Difficult to Keep Stocked

With the help of simple technology, keeping a full stock of adult DAU is easier than you think. In fact, with online ordering and delivery services readily available, you will not even need to plan a separate trip to the shop to keep yourself well-stocked. Just estimate your needs, log on, and wait to be served. 

Nothing could be simpler.

Everyone Will Know

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to overcome is the emotional one. Clients fear that if they begin using DAU, everyone in their lives will not only be able to tell immediately but will also think less of them for doing so. While this fear is understandable, it's not logical. 

First, there really is no way that people will know what's going on under a client's outerwear unless the client chooses to disclose this information. To dispel this myth, hint that although some types of DAU might feel bulky, they're virtually impossible to discern. Second, anyone who cares about the total health and care of the client would not think less of them for seeking all the care and comfort at their disposal. 


If we're to address the complete well-being of those in our care, there may come a time when we're called upon to encourage DAU among reluctant users. 

When that time comes, the most important consideration is that we proceed with kindness and compassion, duly considering the wide range of emotions often involved in taking such a step. Within the framework of a caring relationship, difficult conversations are more easily managed.

Once such a relationship has been established, we're on much better footing when it comes to addressing (and hopefully dispelling) the myths that sometimes keep our clients from benefiting from such items as disposable adult undergarments.

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