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7 Apps Every Senior Should Have

by Michelle Harper on June 8, 2017

In today's tech-heavy world, it seems everyone has a tablet or a smartphone. Unfortunately, while many of the elderly people out there do have an electronic device of some kind, a lot of them have no idea how to use it. If there is a senior in your life who needs help using their tablet or smartphone, you may find it easiest to narrow down the number of apps they have at any given time. 


By downloading only a small number of apps on the elderly individual's device, you can ensure they know how to use each program. Additionally, by carefully choosing the apps included on the phone or tablet, you can ensure viruses and other unwanted things are kept off of the device. 

So which apps should you download when you are setting up a device for an older adult? Here are a few of our favorites:


Skype is a user-friendly way for your elderly friend to stay connected to the world. With this app, seniors can communicate with family and friends on a regular basis. The face-to-face interaction makes the connection more meaningful than a simple phone call, and the simple interface is easy to use.


Everyone likes to stay connected to the world around them. Unfortunately, the rise in internet-based news has made it difficult for those individuals who are not tech-savvy to follow world events.

Fortunately, Primatic is incredibly easy to use, and provides a wealth of information from a variety of news sources. This means a well-rounded selection of news articles is available to those who don't wish to navigate the depths of the internet to find it. 


Reading is a wonderful pastime. That said, some seniors have trouble reading due to poor eyesight. Amazon's Kindle app helps address this problem by allowing the user to change the screen lighting and font size to their liking. Additionally, the plethora of books available for this great app is absolutely astounding, ensuring a person will never be left without something to read. 


For those who wish to read but simply can't do it on a device, audiobooks are the next best thing. The Audible service provides users with an enormous selection of audiobooks to choose from, and all are of the very best quality, something that is important to avid listeners. 


Finances are confusing no matter what stage of life you are in. However, as a person's memory starts to go, this can become even more the case. Therefore, we highly recommend the Mint app as a way for older adults to keep up with their finances. This awesome app practically does all of the work for you! Simply put in your budget, connect your bank accounts, and you are in business. 


Speaking of keeping up with things, life has a certain way of throwing information at a person at a pace that's impossible to keep up with. The older one gets, the more true this becomes. Evernote is the ideal solution to this problem. This clever program allows users to save pictures, videos, text, and links in a way that is easy to navigate and makes sense. This is something that is sure to help elderly individuals keep up with recipes, photos of grandchildren, and even reminder notes. 


By now, we are all well aware of how puzzles help keep our minds sharp. For this reason, puzzle apps are the perfect type of game for elderly individuals who may be fighting to hold onto their precious memories. An app such as Clevermind is perfect for this purpose, as it provides a variety of games in order to keep the player engaged and thinking hard. 

Of course, apps and computer programs aren't just for improving the lives of seniors. In fact, we know of a program that can help improve your life as a caregiver. The Savii Care Home Care platform is an incredible way to complete, store, and share care information for your clients with those who need it. The system is simple, efficient, and the perfect way to make your day run more smoothly. 

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