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About Us

...because we have walked in your shoes! 

Savii is based in Tampa Florida.

At Savii we’re dedicated to developing innovative, secure, and reliable post-acute care management solutions that help meet the everyday challenges faced by agencies and caregivers. We believe in dealing honestly, offering value for money, and being accountable for our actions. We’re professional and friendly, making us easy to do business with. Our extensive experience of having been along your journey and having walked in similar shoes means we really understand the day-to-day challenges you face. We aim to make a positive impact on society through the solutions we develop. Our customers rely on us around the clock to help them deliver business efficiencies and increased quality.

Putting people first

Our Mission

At Savii we are passionate about putting people first. We aim to inspire agencies and their caregivers to deliver the best homecare possible through using our flexible all-in-one homecare management solutions.

To improve the quality of life for patients by inspiring and enabling care agencies and their caregivers to be passionate, utilizing their core skills to deliver the best care possible through our savvy solutions


Transforming the future of care

At Savii we believe in designing and developing solutions that transform the way we care. By using the latest technologies, we are able to improve agency efficiency and make sure caregivers spend their time delivering quality care rather than filling out forms.

Our solutions work across mobile platforms, device agnostic and integrate with a range of wearable technology as well as devices in the home. Innovation is at the heart of everything Savii does.


Secure, resilient and reliable services

We know that our clients’ care responsibilities are 24/7 and they require secure, resilient, quality systems

Savii has an extensive team of specialists managing Compliance, Data Protection, and IT Security giving peace of mind.


Innovative Technology at its best

Savii creates value for our clients by helping them build efficiencies and service quality into their business while keeping people at the center of what they do. Solutions include: visit scheduling and verification, client and caregiver safeguarding, invoicing / payroll, business intelligence and, assistive technology for early intervention and prevention.

Our Team

Talented and passionate

Savii Inc. employs people in a wide range of roles including: software developers, business analysts, projects managers, support analysts, trainers, and sales and marketing specialists.

We value diversity in our workforce and are committed to employing talented and passionate people who strive for the highest standards of customer service. We encourage and support individuals to develop themselves to achieve their full potential, resulting in higher-than-average staff retention rates across the business. 

We pride ourselves on being a great place to work, offering industry-leading benefits packages, including flexible working, with competitive salaries. If you’d like to join our friendly, progressive team get in touch.

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